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Frequently Asked Questions



What is JAPAN DELIGHTS? JAPAN DELIGHTS is a service that combines online travel and shopping, offering an authentic Japanese experience easily accessible from anywhere. It makes you feel as if Japan is your second home, filled with familiarity and warmth. Connect via video call with our local guides for a virtual shopping trip in Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores. Choose from a variety of popular to unique products, and also enjoy monthly limited-edition selections, all from the comfort of your home.

How do I use JAPAN DELIGHTS? You can use the service by following these steps: How to Receive Your Order: 1.Select Plan & Schedule: Choose your preferred plan and set a shopping date. 2.Deposit & Plan Payment: Pay the plan fee and a $100 deposit for later settlement of shipping, product and service fees. 3.Go Shopping: Enjoy shopping with our guide via video call. 4.Deposit Settlement: Deduct shipping, product and service fees from the deposit, refunding the balance. Product fee are converted from JPY at the day's rate. 5.Pack & Ship: Your chosen products are carefully packed and shipped to you.

What kind of products can I purchase? Currently, you can shop for a variety of products available in Japanese supermarkets, primarily including Japanese snacks, instant noodles, tea, and more. If there are specific products you would like us to handle, please feel free to let us know! We will do our best to accommodate your requests. Please let us know your preferences by completing the survey available HERE .

Which countries are eligible for the service? Currently, our service is available only in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Germany, France, and Belgium. If there are countries where you would like to see our service expanded, please let us know! We will do our utmost to meet your requests. Please let us know your preferences by completing the survey available HERE .

What plans are available? We offer two plans: the Supermarket Plan and the Supermarket & KONBINI Plan. Supermarket Plan: This plan includes a 45-minute video call with a guide located in a Japanese supermarket. The focus is on a wide variety of regular and seasonal products available in supermarkets. ・ONE TIME EXPERIENCE: $85 USD ・MONTHLY: $81.50 USD per month Supermarket & KONBINI Plan: This plan offers a 60-minute video call with a guide in both a Japanese supermarket and a KONBINI (Japanese Convenience Store). In addition to the regular and seasonal products found in supermarkets, the KONBINI offers exclusive items, seasonal products not available in supermarkets, and original KONBINI products! ・ONE TIME EXPERIENCE: $109 USD ・MONTHLY: $103.50 USD per month EXPLORE PLANS

What languages are supported? We support both English and, of course, Japanese!

What are Japanese KONBINI (convenience stores) like? What makes them special? Imagine a place where you can grab a tasty bite, pick up your daily essentials, and even sort out your errands, all at any hour of the day – that's a Japanese KONBINI for you! These stores are not just a convenience; they're a lifestyle in Japan. With their shelves stocked with everything from mouth-watering onigiri and bento to the latest magazines, plus services like ATMs and package delivery, KONBINI are your go-to for just about anything. And the best part? They're open 24/7, ready to welcome you with a smile, whether it's early morning or late at night.



How much is the shipping fee? SEE DETAIL

What kind of items can I purchase under the Basic shipping plan? / How large is the Basic shipping plan? SEE DETAIL

My order arrived, but something's missing or damaged! What should I do? We're here to assist if anything goes amiss with your order. Here's what you should do: ・Lost products: If your box arrives looking intact but you notice some products are missing, please let us know. We're ready to assist and figure out what happened. ・Damaged products: If everything's there but some products are damaged, we understand how disappointing that can be. Reach out to us, and we'll see how we can help. ・Opened Boxes: If the box has been opened due to customs inspections or other external factors, we unfortunately can't offer returns or exchanges. ・Reporting Issues: For any missing or damaged products, contact us within 7 days of receiving your shipment. Email us at or use our inquiry form, and include photos of the issue. We'll do our best to assist you in resolving the matter. Just a note on chocolate – it can start melting at temperatures above 28°C. We do our best to protect your products during shipping, but please understand that we can't be held responsible for temperature-related damages.

How long will it take for my products to arrive after shopping with the guide is completed? Once the shopping is completed, it takes about 1-3 business days to prepare and pack your products before they are handed over to the courier. After that, the products typically arrive in your country within approximately 5-14 days. Please note that there may be delays in arrival due to various reasons. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Can you ship iproducts to multiple locations? We're sorry, but currently, we can only ship products to one address per plan purchase. When you choose your plan and make a purchase, you'll be asked to provide the shipping address, and that's where all your items will be sent. We understand it might be more convenient to have items sent to different places, but for now, they all need to go to the same destination.

Does the shipping fee cover customs fees and taxes? Good question! It's important to know that the shipping fee you pay for JAPAN DELIGHTS covers the cost of getting your products from Japan to your doorstep. However, it doesn't include any import taxes, customs duties, or local taxes that might be levied by your country's authorities. These charges can vary depending on where you live, and they're usually handled separately. So, keep in mind that there might be some extra costs when your package arrives.


Video Call Shopping

I have food allergies. Can you accommodate this? Our guides can check the allergy labeling on products, but please be aware that this information is based on Japanese food labeling laws and may differ from other countries. We cannot guarantee complete allergen information, so we advise users with severe allergies to consult a professional and use our service at their own risk and responsibility.

Do you accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and halal dietary needs? We're here to help you find products that fit your dietary preferences! Our guides can check food labels for you to see what's inside, but please keep in mind that this information is based on Japanese food labeling laws, which might be different from those in other countries. While we strive to assist you, we can't guarantee complete accuracy, especially for users with severe allergies. We recommend consulting a professional and using our service at your own risk and responsibility. For clarity, we understand the following terms as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary: Vegetarian: Not eating or including meat. Vegan: Not eating, using, or including any animal products. Gluten-free: Containing no gluten (a protein found in wheat and some other grains).

Can my family/friends join the shopping session with the guide? Yes! you can participate with multiple people if you are in the same location, such as your home, and using the same device simultaneously. However, we recommend a maximum of three participants. This is because our shopping sessions are time-limited, and having too many participants might make it challenging to accommodate everyone's requests.

What kind of device should I prepare for the video call? Great question! For the best experience during our video call shopping sessions, you can use any of the following devices: ・A desktop or laptop computer ・An Android device ・An iPhone or iPad Just make sure your device has a stable internet connection and a camera, so you can fully enjoy the video call shopping experience with our guides. We can't wait to take you on a shopping adventure in Japan, right from your screen!

Can I request a specific guide for my shopping experience? We're sorry, but at this time, we're unable to accommodate requests for specific guides. Our team of guides is carefully selected to ensure a great shopping experience for everyone, and we're confident you'll enjoy your virtual shopping trip with any of our friendly and knowledgeable guides. We appreciate your understanding and hope you'll have a fantastic time exploring Japanese supermarkets with us!

How do I purchase products at the supermarket/KONBINI ? It's super simple! Here's how it works: Selection: During the video call, you'll select the products you want to buy. Purchasing: Our guide will then purchase these products on your behalf at the supermarket/KONBINI. Payment: The cost of the products will be converted from Japanese Yen to US Dollars based on the exchange rate on the day of shopping. Deduction from Deposit: We'll deduct thetotal product fee, along with the Service Fee and Shipping Fee, from the $100 deposit you've already made. So, all you need to do is pick your favorites, and we'll handle the rest. Happy shopping!

I'm learning Japanese. Can I converse in Japanese during the call? Absolutely! When your video call starts, just let your guide know that you'd like to speak in Japanese. All our guides are native Japanese speakers, so it's a fantastic opportunity to practice your language skills! Just a heads-up: Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for any misunderstandings or issues that arise due to communication in Japanese. So, while we encourage you to practice, do keep this in mind to ensure a smooth shopping experience.



I want to change my booking date and time. How can I do that? Changing your booking is a breeze! Here's how you can do it: 1.Log In: First, log into your account page. 2.Access My Bookings: Once you're logged in, head to the "My Bookings" section. 3.Click on Reschedule: Find the booking you wish to change and click on "RECHEDULE". 4.Pick a New Slot: Select a new date and time that suits you better. Note: Please be aware that if it's less than 24 hours before your scheduled booking time, or if the time has already passed, you won't be able to reschedule.

I want to cancel my booking. How can I do that? Canceling your booking is straightforward. Just follow these steps: 1.Log In: Start by logging into your account page. 2.Access My Bookings: Once you're logged in, navigate to the "My Bookings" section. 3.Cancel Booking: Find the booking you want to cancel and click on "CANCEL". Note: If there are more than 24 hours left until your booking time, you have the option to reschedule instead of canceling. To do this, click on "RESCHEDULE" located above the cancel button and proceed to change your date and time.

My booking is less than 24 hours away, but I have an urgent matter and need to cancel. What should I do? We're sorry to hear that you need to cancel on such short notice, but we understand that urgent matters come up. Here's how you can proceed: 1.Log In: Please log into your account page. 2.Submit a Cancel Form: Scroll down to the bottom of your account page and find the "Cancel Form." Fill it out to submit your cancellation request. Please note that once you cancel through the Cancel Form, you won't be able to reschedule this booking.

I purchased a plan with the ONE TIME EXPERIENCE option, but I haven't registered as a member. How can I reschedule my booking? Thank you for your booking! To reschedule or cancel your experience, you will need to register and log in to our website. Please sign up by clicking 'sign up' at the top right corner of our page. To ensure your information is correctly linked, make sure to use the same email address you used forbooking the shopping session when registering.



What is a subscription? A subscription with us is like having a monthly ticket to a virtual shopping adventure in Japan! Here's how it works: ・Monthly Virtual Shopping: Once you subscribe, you get to enjoy a video call shopping experience with our guides every month. ・Automatic Renewal: Your subscription automatically renews each month, so there's no need to manually update it. It's all set up for your convenience! ・Easy Cancellation: If you decide to cancel, you can do so from your account page. The cancellation will take effect from the following month. Our subscription is designed to bring you the joy of Japanese shopping without any hassle. Just sit back, relax, and let us bring Japan to your doorstep!

I want to cancel my subscription. How can I do that? Canceling your subscription is a simple process. Just follow these steps: 1.Log In: First, log into your account page. 2.Access My Subscriptions: Once you're logged in, head to the "My Subscriptions" section. 3.Cancel Subscription: Locate the subscription you wish to cancel and click on "Cancel Subscription". Note: Please be aware that canceling your subscription will also forfeit any remaining virtual shopping sessions you have. Make sure to check if you have any unused sessions before proceeding with the cancellation.

I've completed the payment for my subscription. Is there a deadline for making a booking? Thank you for subscribing! The right to enjoy your shopping session under this payment period will expire at the time of your next payment. Therefore, please make sure to book your shopping session before the day prior to your next scheduled payment. This way, you can fully utilize the benefits of your subscription without missing out.

I canceled my subscription from the account page, but the cancellation is showing as 'pending.' When will it be completed? The cancellation will show as 'pending' until the end of your current payment cycle. Once you cancel, your purchased plan and its payments will not continue in the next cycle.


Billing & Payment

What is the purpose of the $100 deposit? The $100 deposit plays a crucial role in our shopping service. Here's how it works: ・Payment for Purchases: During video call shopping experience, you'll select various products to buy. Once the total cost for these products, along with the service fee and shipping, is confirmed, we'll use the deposit to cover these expenses. ・Refunds: If there's any remaining balance after deducting these costs, we'll refund it to your designated payment method. ・Additional Charges: If Product fee, Service Fee, and Shipping Fee exceeds $100, the additional amount will be charged to the payment method you used for the deposit. Think of the deposit as a pre-payment towards your shopping. It helps streamline the process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for you!

What is the Service Fee? The Service Fee is a small additional charge we apply to your shopping. It's calculated as 10% of the total cost of the products you purchase during your shopping session. However, don't worry – we've capped it at a maximum of $5 USD. This fee helps us maintain the high quality of our service and ensures that your shopping experience is as delightful and seamless as possible.

How long will it take to get a refund for the remaining deposit? Once your shopping is complete and we've processed the refund of your deposit, it typically takes about 5 to 10 days for the refund to be reflected in your designated payment method. However, please note that the timing can vary depending on your payment method. If you haven't seen the refund after 14 days, we recommend reaching out directly to your credit card company or payment service provider. They'll be able to check the status of the refund and provide any necessary support. Rest assured, we're committed to ensuring that any remaining deposit is returned to you promptly.

I've canceled my booking. How long will it take to get a refund? We process refunds promptly after a cancellation. Here's what you can expect: ・Refund Timing: It typically takes about 5 to 10 days for the refund to be reflected in your designated payment method. The exact timing can vary depending on the payment method you used. ・Checking Status: If you haven't seen the refund after 14 days, we recommend contacting your credit card company or payment service provider directly. They can check the status of the refund and offer any necessary support. ・Separate Refunds: Please note that the refund for your plan fee and the deposit will be processed separately. Rest assured, we're committed to ensuring that your refund is handled smoothly and efficiently.

I've canceled a booking within 24 hours. When will I receive a refund for my deposit? We understand that sometimes plans change unexpectedly. Here's what happens next: ・Refund Timing: After canceling, it typically takes about 5 to 10 days for the refund of your deposit to be reflected in your designated payment method. The exact timing can vary depending on the payment method you used. ・Checking Status: If you haven't seen the refund after 14 days, we recommend contacting your credit card company or payment service provider directly. They can assist in checking the status of the refund and provide any necessary support. Please note that there will be no refund for the plan fee in this case.

What currency can I use for payment? As of now, we only accept payments in US Dollars. We understand that this might be a bit inconvenient if you're using a different currency, but for the time being, all transactions need to be made in USD. We're always looking to improve our service, so we might expand our currency options in the future!

What payment methods are available? Paying for your shopping experience is easy and all online! Here's what you can use: Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover Digital Wallets: PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay Whether you prefer a credit card or a digital wallet, we've got options to suit your needs. Just pick the one that's most convenient for you at checkout.

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